Thinkware Dash Cam Won’t Display ‘Live View’

If you have a WiFi enabled Thinkware Dash Cam and when your phone is connected to the camera you are unable to change some settings and / or unable to view a ‘Live View’ from one or both of the cameras then please try the below:

On your mobile phone please ‘Disable Mobile Data’ and then connect to the camera again. Below is a Samsung & LG Screenshot


It seems phones are getting more intelligent, they connect to the camera and then detect there isn’t an actual Internet connection from the Camera so they send data out via 3g/4g instead which never gets to the camera. In the unlikely event you still can’t see a Live View image then please check your phone for Anti Virus software and disable any that you find and try again as these have been known to filter out the image too.

Any issues reply below, i usually check it daily!