Bury PowerMount Cradles

New modular solution sets new standards in Automotive accessories

Today, comfortable car equipment is one of the most important feel-good factors in the car. This makes it even more important to adapt the integrated devices and systems to the individual needs of a particular user. Each user has his/her own expectations and needs related to the functionality and integrated devices in a vehicle. A system must, therefore, meet a variety of requirements.


Elegant design meets a wide range of functions

This challenge can be met only thanks to a modern and universal product – BURY proves it with the new POWERMOUNT system. A modular system design, which can be constantly adapted to the changing requirements of the user as well as to the technological progress, is a new and unique product concept in the market. This variability and compatibility of POWERMOUNT products give the customer a wide range of benefits and functions. Thanks to the sophisticated design and the use of high-quality materials, the system fits seamlessly into every modern car cockpit. In the case of changing a vehicle, the system can be removed from it simply and without leaving residues, and used in another vehicle.

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