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Chameleon Asset Track powered by Webtech Wireless, is a vehicle tracking system that provides real time GPS based location information and historic vehicle activity reporting for efficient vehicle tracking solution. The system provides comprehensive mapping and reporting capabilities allowing you to compare your business expectations against actual business events for more effective operational management, saving time, fuel and money.
Chameleon Asset Track provides you with the means to accurately track where your vehicles are located at any time, the ability to monitor routes from start to finish and the opportunity to correct obstacles to productivity and operational efficiency.
Being able to access more than just vehicle location data can provide a business with the ability to not only remain competitive in today’s aggressive marketplace but to do so while providing a superior level of customer service.

As a Chameleon Asset Track customer, you will be given your own user name and password enabling you to access your own unique Chameleon internet portal. From your portal you have instant access to real time vehicle tracking and vehicle activity reporting.

Utilising Google maps, Chameleon Asset Track offers a comprehensive GPS tracking solution for quick and efficient vehicle location applications such as determining the nearest vehicle to a specific location, Geofencing, points of interest and vehicle route planning.

Automatically access all fleet tracking locations and vehicle usage data providing in-depth activity reports and enable the verification of a wide range of fleet activity including “on the job times”, vehicle status, speeding, vehicle maintenance and vehicle time sheets.
Reports can be accessed on a “as and when” basis by the client or be automatically run and sent to any email address.

Automatically receive notification to your own specified e-mail address when your company vehicles travel out of userdefined boundaries.


Chameleon Asset Track is managed and maintained by a host of experienced customer care, after sales and technical staff. With 55 support staff based at our 19,000 sq ft head office in Colchester, Chameleon Asset Track offer outrageously good customer service. Office opening hours 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday.Chameleon Vehicle Tracking systems offers a unique service insofar as it owns the service in its entirety, supplying:

A specially designed Webtech Wireless WT5000, is the force behind Chameleon Vehicle Tracking Systems. Its unique design, its reliability and its proven track record with 30,000 units already in circulation make our hardware one of the most highly sort after Telematics units in the world.

Chameleon Asset Track run 122 installation engineers offering a 24/7, 365 days a year nationwide installation service. All installation work is carried out to FCS1362 and is regularly audited by our own field audit managers.

The engine behind Chameleon Asset Track is the Webtech Wireless Quadrant portal service. Easy to use, easy to read and with a host of functions, Chameleon Asset Track offers real time vehicle tracking and vehicle activity reports direct to your PC.

Contact Leigh Weston | 01206 500 893 for all vehicle tracking enquiries