Thinkware Dash Cam Memory Card upgrade….

If you are the lucky owner of a Thinkware Dash Cam and are thinking of upgrading your Micro SD card to a larger size please purchase a Genuine Thinkware card (Max 128gb – Check what your camera can accept). I can’t give the exact reasons as it’s too technical for me but memory cards are a lot more complex than i thought! For example Thinkware memory cards have a feature called SPOR (Sudden Power Off Recovery) built into them so for example if you had a large impact and the vehicle lost power the Super Capacitor inside the camera should finish the recording anyway. If for some reason the camera didn’t finish the recording the ‘SPOR’ would take over and make sure any video you have is a finalised video and not a corrupt file.

If you use an unofficial memory card you may get ‘Memory card error, system restarting’ messages. You may find that a particular feature of the camera doesn’t work like Speed Camera Warnings or Lane Departure Warnings. It has also been reported that your phone may not be able to download the videos via the Thinkware App anymore as the App may crash & close.

Also keep in mind a lot of memory cards sold online are fakes, especially on auction sites. It’s worth remembering with any Dash Cam that the memory card is a vital part of the camera, it’s in heavy use being written to and then being overwritten time & time again so please spend some money on it! (You wouldn’t buy a £700 bike and put a £5 lock on it! You get my drift….)

We have Genuine Thinkware cards for sale here.