Speed Camera Warning Not Working On Thinkware Dashcam….

If you have purchased a Thinkware F750/F770 or X500/X550 and you’re having problems getting the speed camera warning working please check the below setting / steps:

Firstly lets check the camera has the latest firmware version installed, your current version can be found towards the bottom left of the screen when you playback video on your PC V1.00.15 for example. Also you can find it via the Smartphone App under ‘Device Info’ or via the LCD screen on the X500/X550 model.


There are a couple of ways to update the firmware, firstly if you have the Micro SD card inserted into your PC you can just open the Dashcam Viewer and it will prompt you to download the new firmware, then when the Card is re-inserted to the camera and powered on, the camera will update. Or you can manually download the firmware for the correct model from the support pages here ‘Thinkware Support Area‘ then ‘Unzip’ the file and drop the contents on the root directory of the Micro SD Card. You should get verbal confirmation the upgrade is in progress when the camera powers on. **PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ENGINE IS RUNNING DURING THE UPDATE**

We need to also make sure the camera has a good GPS signal too otherwise the camera alerts will not work. When the camera picks up GPS it will give you a verbal ‘GPS Connected’ message and the GPS Led will be steady green. You can also check GPS via the Phone App on the F750/F770 or LCD display on the X500/X550

Once you are happy with the above steps we need to check you have the Safety database installed, you can see the version number on the above screenshot or again via the LCD on the X500/X550 model. If you don’t have any version showing then you need to download the database from the Thinkware Support Area (smartguidepoint.dx2 file) and drop this into the ‘driveinfo’ folder on the Micro SD card. The camera will install this and delete the file once it’s installed (so don’t worry when that file doesn’t show up next time you put the card into your PC).

Now we just need to check that the Safety Camera Alert is enabled on the Camera either via the App (F750/F770) or via the LCD (X500/X550) or the settings menu on the Dashcam viewer program.



PC Version












That’s it, i would recommend a little drive past a fixed camera to ensure the warnings are working. Please note the camera warnings are directional so if the camera is on the opposite side of the road facing the wrong way it shouldn’t alert you. Any problems feel free to email spaget [AT] chameleoncodewing.co.uk