Chameleon are excited to now sell Noovo Tvman – Freeview TV for your vehicle!

We are excited to sell this very impressive product. Freeview TV for vehicles has been around for a fair while now however you have to fit a unit in the vehicle and then separate screens fitted to headrests etc, they worked but cost a fortune and took a lot of time to install. HOWEVER, TVman has either Magnetic, Glass mount or Bumper mount antennas depending if you want to permanently install the unit or not. Then it picks up Freeview TV signal and then broadcasts that via WiFi to your phone / tablet becomes your screen. You can also insert a usb hard drive with Media files on and play those via the WiFi too!

Freeview can only be watched by 1 Phone/Tablet at a time, USB Media can be streamed to up to 8 Phones/Tablets at the same time (All watching different media!) I have had some time testing this and i am very impressed with the Freeview signal even at speed. You can at times lose the signal as you would expect but it was pretty much momentary as in the background the unit is scanning for stronger stations at preset intervals to ensure the best signal possible.


Please see this flyer for a little more info and call 01206 500880 for further details / pricing! –